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Skin analysis is a routinely performed procedure before starting any treatment. The patient's skin type (dry, oily, mixed), acne, blackheads, aging, sun damage, dehydration and other skin conditions are analyzed to help the doctor to decide on the treatment.

What is measured during skin analysis? What is it used for?

Skin type is determined. Statistical records of person are kept on the PC. Changes during treatment are monitored. Changes in skin during treatment can be graphically displayed. Skin analysis is a procedure that is spread throughout entire treatment process.

Questions to be answered with skin analysis:

  • Has a person had any dermatological treatments previously?
  • Has a person had hair epilated?
  • Does he/she have any allergy?
  • Does he/she use soap?
  • Does his/her skin become oily during the day?
  • Does drying, stretching or peeling occur after the shower on cold days?
  • Does he/she use cosmetics, if yes what type of products does he/she use?
  • Does he/she apply skin care products, if yes with what intervals?

How long does it last?

Skin analysis is completed in a very short time (1 minute).