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Classic massage

Classic massage with traditional manipulations application is one of our most relaxing massages. 40 min. - 60min.

Anti-Stress Massage

The exhaustion accumulating in our body and soul due to daily work pressure and living conditions is accompanied by stress. With this relaxing massage, you can restore your physical and mental wellbeing. 40 minutes

Myo Massage

Designed specifically for those who prefer a deep tissue massage applied with more pressure and hard massage applications. 30–60 minutes

Sports Massage

The primary purpose of the sports massage, which is both intense and relaxing, is to accelerate the blood circulation. It is an ideal massage technique to be used for the muscle, nerve and spine injuries. 40 minutes


It is miraculous for the tired feet. Reflexology application technique is completely focused on the feet soles and relaxes the mind. 30-60 minutes

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage activates the blood and lymph circulation and ensures that tissues are filled with fresh oxygen. The massage, which is focused on the abdomen, hip and leg area, has slimming and firming effect. 30-60 minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage

It is a soft massage type. It eliminates the toxins by activating the circulation and lymph system. As a massage type effective on the cellulite and edema, it eliminates the sluggishness of the body. 30-60 minutes

Kids Massage

You can help to strengthen the physical and mental development of your kids with the massage you will give as a gift. 20 minutes