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It is a lift technique which is face lifting without operation and at the same time is known as Ultra V Lift creates more natural appearances by using spiny or planum catgut. At the same time it is known as Contour Lift, Silhouette Lift, Anti Ptos Rope Lift, and Spider Web Aesthetics.

Face lift process without operation is a suspending method by placing spiny and thicker catguts to depending parts by the help of cannula.


Ultra V Lift process is an effective method that you can see safer and quicker results, especially for the view of gill and jaw. In this process PDO catguts which are no allergenic are used to bring the parts whose elasticity has lost to its old position. Because of this process which enter into under the skin in minimal level, according to tightly packed preparation and lasting operation, safer results and more affordable prices are taken and these result hold approximate 2 years. At the same time it takes a short time for the patient to turn her/his daily activities after the process.

This Ultra V Lift process which takes away operation requirement, recently it has been drawn quite interest by press. As its popularity increases, enforcer number increases but we recommend it being applied by the person knowing his/her stuff. Ultra V Lift technique has too short recovery process and some doctors refer it as lunchtime-lift or weekend lift because it can be finished just in 30 minutes.

For whom is Ultra V Lift Face Lift ideal?

This process is ideal for the people who have not deep wrinkle and tightly packed hang. Ultra V Lift which can be applied to both women and men is applied to people between the ages 35 and 60 who want to seem younger and more dynamic but the patients who do not need serious and open face lift operation because he/she does not have very serious loss of elasticity.

To whom is Uni Cog Face Lift applied?

For the people whose age are older and have more loss of elasticity and too deep wrinkle face lift process with catgut called uni cog needle give better results.

We can say it is appropriate for the people who avoid from the operations which has too long and serious recovery periods and who want natural as it has almost have uncured more than a masked perspective but more energetic and young perspective in intense work pressure.

  • It is more feasible for the people who have a thin skin layer or have fatty tissue in smaller amounts.
  • It can be applied to people who have very thin, supersensitive, very loose skin.
  • It can be recommended to the patients who want high level and very dramatic results.
  • It is appropriate for the people who lose its elasticity in high level, slouched skin and deepened, permanent lines and wrinkles.

How is it applied?

It is applied by placing rough polypropylene or intradermal catguts by entering right under the skin’s top surface with tunnel technique. With the help of needlepoint injections very tiny entrances are created and catguts are placed with backtacking transactions. Thus it provides them to hold tissue tighter. Face lift process is applied by using local anesthesia and there is no need inpatient treatment of recovery period after the process.

Is it safe?

If it is applied by a specialist and experienced doctor in this subject yes, it is pretty safe. After Ultra V Lift face lift process it is not confronted by a problem except little purple spots. Catguts being used in process are the catguts called PDO whose acceptability is proved for the health called polypropylene. These catguts at the same time are used in brain, heart and abdominal operation in surgery for many years. Because it is a process that is applied with local anesthesia and does not need general anesthesia it does not have any risk stumbling on general anesthesia.

Period of Recovery and Turning to Daily Life

Many patients turn her/his daily activities right after the process. In the meantime the patient should avoid from open his/her mouth widely or make exaggerated gestures. We recommend you to avoid from welter and massaging to your face until three weeks after the process. It does not need to make much pressure on face.

After at the end of these three weeks you can start to move normally the parts of your face which has been processed. After the process in the first few days some swelling, redness or purple spots have been seen normal and to decrease these it is recommended to apply ice compression. The feel of disturbance that the patient has feel in her/his face is in minimum equality according the other surgery operation but as it is encountered in every under skin process it can be seen light itching feel in the first few days. In case of any pain, some painkillers like acetaminophen can be used. But it is recommended not to prefer ibuprofenin to avoid from purple spots.

On the very first day after the process raising your head and keeping it high help decreasing swellings. You can see the real finished results in several weeks even though results are realized right after the process. The catgut on skin texture will help to form a lift which continues as lasting during first six months and growing stronger by wrapping the sides of natural collagen formation of skin.

Advantages of Ultra V Lift / Face Lift Process

According to traditional face lift operation we can count first of all its being applied in very short time, the period of quick recovery, low-cost among its many advantages.

It gives an opportunity to many women and men to have a skin which seems tighter and young in the manner of quick and easy.

Without having need for general anesthesia, due to its being applied just with the local anesthesia in the manner that your consciousness is exactly open you can see the process, you can talk with your doctor who applies the process and also you can say the right points from where you have complaint.

We do not recommend to the people who cannot stand these kinds of processes but at the same time, which is why it is very ideal for the people who do not like intense surgical operations.

At the same time instead of tightly packed scars, swelling and purple spots which are not cured for weeks after open surgical operation, just tiny scars of injections hiding hair roots remain and these cure at short notice.