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ultra cavitation

Rapidly rising all over the world obesity has become a major problem. Excessive weight and body fat, threatening health, the aesthetic concerns are pushing people to seek different methods to solve the obesity problem, and on the other hand technology and health care organizations are constantly developing new technologies for the solution of the problem. Ultra Cavitation developed for this need appears to be an effective method of fat reduction.

What is Ultra Cavitation?

Ultra Cavitation is a method which is based on the application of ultrasound to the skin surface, causing intracellular fat cells fluid to undergo an instantaneous pressure drop. It is a non-surgical method which fights with regional lipoidosis and cellulite by using sound waves. Under the influence of fluctuations caused by Ultra Cavitation, the membrane first expands, and then bursts. This effect which is called cavitation liquidizes the lipids, destroys the cell walls and deforms the lipid structure. Lipid cells and released lipid acids are then excreted from the body via the lymph flow.

Ultrasound Waves with Low Frequency

Device applications include decreasing the regional lipid accumulation and re-formation of body. It ruptures the lipid cell membranes by creating ultrasound waves and released lipids are removed from the area by lymph or blood and later on are excreted from the body.

Advantages of Ultra Cavitation

It is reliable, painless, does not require surgical intervention, very effective for cellulite and fat break down.

What is the difference of Ultra Cavitation?

The most important difference of Ultra Cavitation from other methods is that the procedure is absolutely painless, does not cause bruising and immediately after the session, the patients can return to their daily activities.

Can Ultra Cavitation be applied to everyone?

Ultra Cavitation cannot be applied to:

  • Hypertension and coronary heart disease patients,
  • People who has diabetes, blood coagulation dysfunction disorders,
  • People who have wound or dermatoid in the areas which are aimed to be treated.
  • People who have metal prosthesis in area to be treated.
  • Pregnant,
  • People who have acute or chronological diseases or experienced serious pathological change and women during menstrual period.

Is Ultra Cavitation applied to every area?

Application should be used on waist, hips and belly areas since it targets lipids.

Number of sessions

Although the number of sessions varies depending on the person and the thickness of body fat, on average weight loss results are achieved after 8-10 sessions.

Session durations and session intervals

On average Ultra Cavitation session lasts 20 to 40 minutes. The patient is assigned to one session per week.

Warnings before undertaking the Ultra Cavitation

Cavitation is a lipid break down method therefore plenty of water should be drunk for discharging the ruptured lipid by means of lymph drain. Minimum of 2.5 -3 liters of water should be drunk 1-2 days before starting the treatment.

Warnings after the Ultra Cavitation

During the entire treatment period (3 months on average) a patient needs to adhere to a low fat diet and drink plenty of water. Sports and exercise facilitates the discharging of lipid from the body and increases the success of treatment.